Thursday, February 4, 2010

Merriam-Webster can piss off

There's this fun little game floating around Facebook that I had some rather fantastic results with. You have to go to UrbanDictionary, type in your first name, and post the first entry that comes up. Pretty simple, right? Check out what I got:
Common name of a playa who'll leave you without saying a word. Also known as "hustla", this individual is particularly good in bed and has vast experience he'll never admit he does, which is why all of his xs still chase him.
Hard to catch, impossible to keep, the biggest mistake you can make is introducing him to your best friend, who of course, is going to wanna nail him.

This name can also translate to "Winner, triumphant, #1" in various languages.
"dam nigz, u is a Victor"
On another note, I'm finally getting to see a Final Fantasy orchestrated concert this Saturday. I have been waiting almost five years for a chance to see one and I'm super excited. Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds looks to be a pretty exciting and amazing experience. It won't hurt that I threw down for a couple of the most expensive seats in the house. Go hard or go home, right? Final Fantasy XIII is shaping up to be the first decent-looking entry since X. Check out this excellent trailer for it and try to keep the drool to a minimal level~

I had my birthday party a week early this last weekend and it was an excellent time, to be sure. My buddy Ryan talked the manager at this bar we like to offer a sweet draft special in honor of my birthday. It was $15 for guys and $10 for girls all-you-can-drink, a badass deal since we were there for the better part of five hours. Here are some of my favorite pics from the evening~

This is a pretty multimedia heavy post. I'm going to finish up with another entry of Initial V. Bear with me on vid quality right now since I'm still new at this whole thing.

Initial V - Episode 2
Uploaded by Vreeser

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