Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl that never was... and my birthday!

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Initial V - Episode 03
Uploaded by Vreeser.
This year is the first year that I can remember in which Super Bowl Sunday (God's day) and my birthday coincide. And here I am in South Korea without the commercials, the half-time pick-up game, the greasy food, and the friends and family I have grown overly accustomed to. To be fair, I did have a wonderful weekend, but there's a part of me that wishes I could have been at home.
Like I said, I did have a pretty amazing weekend. On Saturday I went to the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert I posted about previously. It was everything I had hoped it to be. Here's the program from the show:
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali
  • Final Fantasy - Victory Theme
  • Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Don't Be Afraid
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Fisherman's Horizon
  • Final Fantasy series - Swing de Chocobo
  • Final Fantasy V - Dear Friends
  • Final Fantasy IX - Vamo' alla Flamenco
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Love Grows (Eyes On Me Piano Instrumental)
  • Final Fantasy XI - Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Man With A Machine Gun
  • Final Fantasy VII - Opening - Bombing Mission
  • Final Fantasy X - Suteki da ne
  • Final Fantasy - New Music Medley (Uematsu) from FF XIV
  • Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme
  • Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A
  • Final Fantasy XI - Ronfaure
  • Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love
  • Final Fantasy VI - Opera "Maria and Draco"
  • Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme
As I said, a spectacular list. They brought on multiple guest performers including a classical guitarist for "Dear Friends" and "Vamo' alla Flamenco" (one of my favs) and opera singers for "Distant Worlds" and the "Maria and Draco" performance. "Suteki da ne" was a little underwhelming for me since they had a Korean star sing it in the Korean released version (not the Japanese version from my memories), but it was still a great song to hear. I was really excited about "J-E-N-O-V-A" since it is one of my all-time favorite songs from the Final Fantasy universe. The conductor said fans were polled to see which songs they wanted to hear the most, and apparently the top two were "J-E-N-O-V-A" and my other all-time favorite "Dancing Mad" from Final Fantasy VI. They chose "J-E-N-O-V-A" for this show, but I can't wait to get a copy of the new cd with both tracks on there.

Sunday was my birthday! I had quite an amazing day. Yun-ju (my girlfriend) woke me up with 미역국 (miyeok guk) and birthday cake, delicious breakfast.
Miyeok guk is a traditional seaweed soup that is eaten on your birthday and is also recommended to pregnant and nursing women due to it having a ton of nutrients. Not gonna lie, it is the most delicious soup I've had since I came to Korea and I still have a big bag of it in my fridge (whoo!). As I mentioned in the video, those little orange things are also very tasty especially if you like sour food. After we had breakfast and watched a movie we went to an arcade and played some games. For dinner we hit up my favorite pizza place over here, BringWell Pizza, that cooks whole wheat-crust pizzas. I go there at least once a week, and when I told the owner it was my birthday he went out and bought some drinks for us. Then we went back to my place and played games with a few of my friends. Although my Wii was out of commission for some time, it appears as though I have not lost my abilities at Smash Bros, Dr. Mario, or Street Fighter II. Other than the first game of Dr. Mario, I won every time on every game last night. Happy birthday to me :D

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