Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is that a stalactite?

Yesterday, after work, me and a few people went out to this bar over by where the other foreign teachers live. They called it the "cave bar", and that is a perfectly accurate description of the place. First off, we had to descend into the stairwell that housed its entrance, and from that point on everything was styled to look like the inside of a cave. The design was plastic and had a sheen to it but it created a really nice atmosphere. One of the guys brought along a Korean girl he'd met last weekend, Jane, and she was a total Godsend when it came to the menu.
Most menus in both South Korea and Japan have tons of pictures in them to entice the sutomer to buy things. Imagine if nearly every menu were as colorful as that of an I-Hop or Denny's. However, the bar scene is another story. Neither Japanese izakaya nor Korean pubs have pictures on their menus. This isn't a big problem, for the most part, but it does restrict a person from being able to try anything new.
Okay, back on point. I had eaten some delicious beef steak pizza earlier for dinner, so I wasn't interested in any bar food. The coolest thing that DID manage to catch my attention was the graduated cylinder filled with 3 liters of beer for 11,000 won (roughly $8.80). The tube looked like something out of a chem lab and had a stopper so we could dispense drinks at our leisure. It was really nice to be able to find a new location for some night time fun since it's hard to get around if you can't tell the cab driver's the name of where you want to go (duh). After kicking it for a while, my work buddy Ryan and I talked about how much we'd love to see some Korean theater sometime, and we agreed to let each other know if anything comes up. In case you didn't know, I'm a big fan of the performing arts. I've already experienced traditional Korean dances and music. It only follows suit that "the stage" is next. Time to do some research.

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