Thursday, August 20, 2009

Word Association

Sitting outside on my balcony, looking down at the bottom, I thought about how I’d be able to survive the fall. Seven stories onto the dirt below. I bet I could figure something out.
The next thoughts that flooded my mind were memories of driving down the 101 when I was a kid. I can remember driving along the coast with my brother sitting next to me. He’s in US Marines right now, so he’s certifiable, but back then I took care of him everywhere we went, and he used to be scared of a lot of things. Now, when we were driving down the highway I used to have to trade seats with him depending on which way we were going so that he couldn’t see out the window over the side of the road since the cliffsides scared the hell out of him. I can remember his little crying face looking at me, worried to death that he was going to fall out and die. Sometimes I miss those days when we would go everywhere and do everything together. He was a great kid and he’s a good little man, now.
Miss you, homie.

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