Sunday, August 16, 2009

My First Thoughts

So here I am, sitting in my new studio apartment, thinking about how much free time I have to myself. It’s pretty incredible, to be honest. Jet-lag aside, I will normally have the better part of daylight to do whatever I please until I head off to work at 2pm every day. Plus, if my vision and instincts prove correct, I’m living less than a block away from work. Pretty cool set-up. Oh, did I mention my apartment is fantastic? It’s a standard studio apartment with my bedroom area up a little staircase under which my kitchen and washing machine sits. It’s more room than I have ever had to myself before. It could use a small bookcase and maybe a desktop organizer, but I’m not complaining in the least! I can already imagine how cool it’s going to be in the winter living here. Right now, however, it’s humid as balls. A mere 70-90% humidity throughout the day for the entire 10-day forecast. Nothing I can’t get used to, but sleeping last night was a pain in the ass. I was excited to find upon my initial entry into Brighton Ville (my building) that there was an elevator. My last stay in Korea was plagued with buildings just under the height regulation to mandate an elevator. Did I mention how much I hate stairs?
I’m really excited for my first work-experience at Avalon. Another foreign teacher (we’re the foreigners here) is going to come get me in a few hours. I’ll be sure to tell you how things go.

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